About the Mission of the Foundation and its Financing

A long term work

Stiftelsen Rättvis Fördelning has its registered office in Stockholm since the beginning of 2009. (Reg. nr. 802426-1581). Since 2006, MAX has been supporting different projects in poor countries, and, in order to guarantee continuity, it was decided to set up a foundation on the 18th of June 2008, in connection with the MAX 40th anniversary.

The Foundation’s funding was secured by the founder (and at that time only shareholder) of MAX Burgers AB, by donating 9% of the shares in the parent company MAX Hotell- och Restauranginvest AB.

A long term work

”The mission of the Foundation shall primarily be to help the needy, primarily in developing countries. The Foundation may also give grants for research, education and training. ”

Capital and Financing

Stiftelsen Rättvis Fördelning is a shareholder with 9% of the shares in the parent company MAX Hotell- och Restauranginvest AB. These are preferred stocks and give dividends with priority of at least 7%, and up to 10% of the group’s annual net profit.

The MAX group has experienced constant growth and the net profit has grown continuously for several years. It also conducts certain fundraising activities in the commercial operation, and when such events occur, MAX doubles or triples the funds raised.

As of 2022, A total of 353.4 million Swedish Kronor (SEK) before tax have been distributed from MAX to the Foundation.



Board of Directors

Jonas Haeger

Richard Bergfors

Christoffer Bergfors

Wilhelm Bergfors

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