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Not Charity but a Human Responsibility

It is with great sadness we share that our beloved Curt Bergfors, the founder of Stiftelsen Rättvis Fördelning, has passed away on May 8, 2022, with his immediate family by his side. He is deeply mourned.

The creation of Stiftelsen Rättvis Fördelning was not an act of charity but of a human responsibility, says Curt Bergfors, founder, main owner and working Chairman of the Board of MAX Burgers AB.

Curt Bergfors grew up in a miner family in Gällivare, Lappland, above the Arctic Circle.
– “At such an early age as fifteen, I decided that I wanted to become financially independent and help people who are struggling. The success of MAX has made it possible to fulfill both of my goals in life which is a fantastic feeling”, says Curt Bergfors.

No Advertising Gimmick

The Foundation was created in connection with MAX’s 40th anniversary in 2008, but Curt Bergfors did not want to talk about it in public until the 50th anniversary. It was a highly conscious strategy to work outside the public eye. – I did not want people to suspect that we played the charity-card to sell more hamburgers. For us it is so much more than that. It is a long-term mission to make a real difference.

Already back in 2006, MAX distributed SEK 2.5 million and by that time, Curt Bergfors had already made large donations to different charity projects from his private account. When MAX’s 50th anniversary approached, he and the board concluded that it was of public interest to know about the commitment. – It’s a good thing for our customers to know that someone else will benefit from their purchase. That is why we decided to inform more about the mission and achievements of the Foundation.

 Environmental and Climate Commitment

Already in 1969, Curt Bergfors took the first environmental initiative that included the recycling of corrugated cardboard. In 2008, MAX reached the goal of being climate neutral, and just ten years later it became one of the world’s first climate positive companies. – “We are constantly working actively with environmental issues, and we have been in the forefront of our industry”, Bergfors states.

Diversity and Accessibility

From the start, MAX has been an inclusive company and has shown diversity regarding both the origin of its employees and allowing disabled persons find a workplace. – “We have over 150 fellow MAX employees with disability that have gone from a workplace supported by the government to a permanent employment, and we know we have inspired others to see the potential in people and include more of them in the labor market”, says Curt Bergfors.

Personally, he is strongly inspired by Nelson Mandela. The name Rättvis Fördelning (which means Fair Distribution) comes from a speech where Nelson Mandela established that the fight against poverty is not an act of charity but an act of a fair deal. – “It is about protecting fundamental human rights, namely the right to dignity and a decent life”, Curt concludes.



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