Scholarship trip to Tambacounda

Every year, 2 to 3 MAX employees are selected for scholarships and visit one of the projects supported by the Foundation. For most scholarship recipients, it will be a transformative experience, but also a proof that their work effort in Sweden is useful elsewhere in the world. Here they tell in their own words about the experience:


What were your thoughts about the trip when you travelled home?

 – Oh, the thoughts were many. I thought a lot about the contrasts in the country. The village towards outside the village, outside the village towards the nice streets and places etc. And also the contrast with Sweden. The contrasts are so insanely big. It felt sad to leave the village and the children, but at the same time it felt good because they are doing well compared to the rest of the people in Tambacounda. I also felt very grateful of the circumstances in which we live at home in Sweden, and that I got to see so much.

What do you think about the Foundation’s work now, after the trip?

– Before I left, I admired what the Foundation does. But in retrospect, when I have experienced it myself, it is difficult to describe. It is absolutely amazing what has been achieved in Tambacounda. It’s so much needed and so nice. Everyone should see this. A safe village with health care, food, houses, education and security.


What do you bring with you home after this trip?

– Two new friends that I have shared something with that is almost impossible to share. I also take with me how subtle the difference can be between total poverty and survival. We offer children good health and safety and the little things that mean they can be children and not be forced to do other things, adult things. It takes so incredibly little for children to grow and yet there is so much suffering in the world. It was wonderful to see that we do something and it was heartbreaking that I could not do more…

What is your strongest memory from the trip?

– My strongest memory is the village father’s speech to us, where he explained how important the village is for the people who live and work in it. He also said that the village is even more important than that because it brings hope and light to the entire Tambacounda region. With tears in his eyes, he said that “You at Max have given many people hope”. He also ended by thanking all the people at Max who did this possible with our hard work. Do not forget that, out there, you make it possible!


Has this journey changed you in any way?

– It definitely has! I have learned to appreciate what I have and feel even more proud to work in a company that cares so much about other people’s well-being. I also gained an insight into what the effect of my toil at work means for the people here.

What is your strongest memory from the trip?

– The strongest feeling for me was when I took out a ball to the children and saw in their body language how happy they were over something that simple. How they appreciated everything we do for them and really showed us a lot of love.